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500 foreign doctors arrive in South Africa in 16 Months
Authors: Polity
Publication Year: 2008
A cross-country review of strategies of the German Development Cooperation to strengthen human resources
Authors: Windisch, Ricarda., Wyss, Kaspar., Prytherch, Helen
Publication Year: 2009
A Cuban revolution in medical education: a commentary on Huish
Authors: Flegel, K.
Publication Year: 2009
A Doctor's Covenant to address a staff shortage.
Authors: Ong,W.T.
Publication Year: 2005
A Global Political Economy of Care
Authors: Yeates, N.
Publication Year: 2005
A literature review: The role of the private sector in the production of nurses in India, Kenya, South Africa and Thailand.
Authors: Reynolds, J., Wisaijohn, T., Pudpong, N., Watthayu, N., Dalliston, A., Suphanchaimat, R., Putthasri, W., & Sawaengdee, K.
Publication Year: 2013
A national cross-sectional study on nurses' intent to leave and job satisfaction in Lebanon: implications for policy and practice.
Authors: El-Jardali,F.; Dimassi,H.; Dumit,N.; Jamal,D.; Mouro,G.
Publication Year: 2009
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