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A possible solution of brain drain
Authors: Lahariya, C.
Publication Year: 2007
A proud nursing heritage: focus on the Philippines
Authors: Williams, S.
Publication Year: 2005
A report card on the physician work force: Israeli health care market--past experience and future prospects.
Authors: Toker,A.; Shvarts,S.; Glick,S.; Reuveni,H.
Publication Year: 2010
A review of codes and protocols for the migration of health workers
Authors: Pagett, C., & Padarath, A.
Publication Year: 2007
A review of Human Resource for Health in Uganda
Authors: Matsiko, C. W., & Kiwanuka, J.
Publication Year: 2003
A screening process predicts success rates in residency re-training among new immigrant physicians in Israel
Authors: Reuveni,H.; Hadar,A.; Greemberg,L.; Alkan,M.; Cohen,R.; Elhayany,A.
Publication Year: 2001
A suitable job?: A qualitative study of becoming a nurse in the context of a globalizing profession in India
Authors: Johnson, S. E., Green, J., & Maben, J.
Publication Year: 2014
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