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Tackling Malawi's human resources crisis
Authors: Palmer, D.
Publication Year: 2006
Taming the Brain Drain: A Challenge Public Health Systems in Southern Africa
Authors: Schrecker, T. & Labonte, R.
Publication Year: 2004
Task Force on Medical Education for the National Rural Health Mission
Authors: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare India
Publication Year: 2007
Task shifting in HIV/AIDS: opportunities, challenges and proposed actions for sub-Saharan Africa
Authors: Zachariah, R., Ford, N., Phillips, M., Massaquoi, M
Publication Year: 2009
Task shifting: the answer to the human resources crisis in Africa?
Authors: Lehmann, Uta., Van Damme, Wim., Barten, Francoise., Sanders, David
Publication Year: 2009
Task-shifting HIV counselling and testing services in Zambia: the role of lay counsellors
Authors: Sanjana, Parsa., Torpey, Kwasi., Schwarzwalder, Alison., Simumba, Caroline., Kasonde, Prisca., Nyirenda, Lameck., Kapanda, Paul., Kakungu-Simpungwe, Matilda., Kabaso, Mushota., Thompson, Catherine
Publication Year: 2009
Temporary visas--not the answer.
Authors: Richards, D.
Publication Year: 2006
The 'Brain Drain' of physicians: historical antecedents to an ethical debate, c. 1960-79.
Authors: Wright, D., Flis, N., Gupta, M
Publication Year: 2008
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