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Salaries and incomes of health workers in sub-saharan africa.
Authors: McCoy, D., Bennett, S., Witter, S., Pond, B., Baker, B., Gow, J., et al.
Publication Year: 2009
Saving the lives of South Africa's mothers, babies, and children: can the health system deliver?
Authors: Chopra,M.; Daviaud,E.; Pattinson, R.; Fonn, S.; Lawn, J.E.
Publication Year: 2009
Scaling up primary health services in rural India
Authors: Bajpai, Nirupam., Dholakia, Ravindra H.,Sachs, Jeffrey D.
Publication Year: 2005
Scaling up priority health interventions in Tanzania: the human resources challenge
Authors: Kurowski, C., Wyss, K., Abdulla, S., & Mills, A.
Publication Year: 2007
Scientific research in Iran: forgotten factors
Authors: Habibzadeh,F.; Vessal,K.
Publication Year: 2006
Scope of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research
Authors: Dutta, S.; Sengupta, M.; Rout, S.K.
Publication Year: 2010
Security and skills: the two key issues in health worker migration
Authors: Bidwell, P., Laxmikanth, P., Blacklock, C., Hayward, G., Willcox, M., Peersman, W., Moosa, S., and Mant, D.
Publication Year: 2014
Sending money home: a mixed-Methods study of remittances by migrant nurses in Ireland
Authors: Humphries, N., Brugha, R., & McGee, H.
Publication Year: 2009
Shaping public health education around the world to address health challenges in the coming decades
Authors: Sadana, Ritu., & Petrakova, Alena.
Publication Year: 2007
Shortage of healthcare workers in developing countries--Africa
Authors: Naicker, S., Plange-Rhule, J., Tutt, R. C., & Eastwood, J. B.
Publication Year: 2009
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