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Taking Culture Seriously in Community Mental Health: A Five-Year Study Bridging Research and Action
Author/Name: Ochocka, Joanna; Moorlag, Elin; Marsh, Sarah; Korsak, Karolina; Mutta, Baldev; Simich, Laura; Kaur, Amandeep
Year: 2010
Taking culture seriously: ethnolinguistic community perspectives on mental health.
Author/Name: Simich L, Maiter S, Moorlag E, Ochocka J.
Year: 2009
Teen Pregnancy Prevention: Exploring Out-of-school Approaches
Author/Name: Best Start Resource Centre
Year: 2008
The 2-tier dental health care system
Author/Name: Ryding, WH
Year: 2006
The caregiving relationship and quality of life among partners of stroke survivors: A crosssectional study
File Public: application/pdf McPherson_2011.pdf
Author/Name: Christine J McPherson, Keith G Wilson, Livia Chyurlia and Charles Leclerc
Year: 2011
The case for prevention: Moving upstream to improve health for all Ontarians.
Author/Name: Connie Clement, Robyn Kalda, Carmen Connolly, Graham Clyne, Jane Bertrand, Sonia Worotynec, Josee Bourbonnais, Khadija Mahi, Krissa Fay, Michael Fay
Year: 2006
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