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Palliative care of First Nations people: a qualitative study of bereaved family members.
File Public: application/pdf Kelly_2009.pdf
Author/Name: Kelly L, Linkewich B, Cromarty H, St Pierre-Hansen N, Antone I, Giles C.
Year: 2009
Pathways to homelessness among Caribbean youth aged 15-25 in Toronto
Author/Name: Springer, J., Roswell, T., & Lum, J.
Year: 2006
Pediatric emergency mass critical care: The role of community preparedness in conserving critical care resources
Author/Name: Frederick M. Burkle Jr, Alcia Williams, Niranjan Kissoon
Year: 2011
Perceived Determinants of Mental Health for Bisexual People: A Qualitative Examination
File Public: application/pdf Ross_2010.pdf
Author/Name: Ross, L. E. Dobinson, C. Eady, A.
Year: 2010
Perception that “everything requires a lot of effort”: transcultural SCL-25 item validation.
Author/Name: Moreau N, Hassan G, Rousseau C, Chenguiti K.
Year: 2009
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