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Defining needs-based urban health planning areas is feasible and desirable: A population-based approach in Toronto, Ontario
Author/Name: Glazier R.H. Vahabi M. Damba C. Patychuk D. Ardal S. Johnson I. Woodward G. DeBoer D.P. Brown A. Low H. McConnell C. Lawrie L. Dudgeon S.
Year: 2005
Delivering away from home: the perinatal experiences of First Nations women in northwestern Ontario
Author/Name: Terry O’Driscoll,Len Kelly, Lauren Payne, Natalie St. Pierre- Hansen, Helen Cromarty, Bryanne Minty, Barb Linkewich
Year: 2011
Demographic Correlates of Early Substance Use
Author/Name: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Year: 2010
Demographic differences between cancer survivors and those who die quickly of their disease.
Author/Name: Groome PA, Schulze KM, Keller S, Mackillop WJ.
Year: 2008
Determinants of Health of Migrant Farm Workers in Canada
File Public: application/pdf viewcontent.pdf
Author/Name: McLaughlin, Janet
Year: 2010
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