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PHIRN Library

phirn-logo The objectives of PHIRN library is to inform the range of knowledge users about where and on what population health research is taking place in the province; who is doing the research and how.

  • The PHIRN library is a searchable repository of academic and grey literature on population health equity and intervention research undertaken in and on the province of Ontario.
  • This tool gives ready access to the open access academic journal articles, grey literature including research-based resource materials, power point presentations; and citation and summary information for restricted publications with easy link to the complete documents.
  • Presently the PHIRN library provides access to 173 open and restricted academic literature; and 114 open access grey literature published between 2005- 2009.
  • This library will soon provide access to 2010 and 2011 academic and grey literature publications of Ontario-based population health research.

Updated on a regular basis, this searchable library offers range of descriptive information on population health research projects in Ontario for:

  • researchers,
  • students,
  • policy decision makers, and
  • practitioners working in the field of population health.

Building on the literature uncovered for the scoping review, we will both update the PHIRN library with Ontario-based articles and reports published in 2010 and 2011 as well as the scoping review. The continued updating of the library and scoping review tables will be important for helping to determine what types of strategic initiatives will be important to undertake for future research in the Ontario context.

Bibliography - Scoping Review of the Population Health Equity




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