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The 2-tier dental health care system

Ryding, WH
Literature Type:
Academic Literature
Journal, Vol, No, Page:
Can J Dent Assoc. 72(1), 47-48
Source of Academic Literature:
  • Journal
Type of Academic Literature:
  • Journal Article
Funding Source:
not mentioned
  • Ontario Rural
First Author Discipline:
  • Dentistry
  • Medicine
First Author Affiliation: University:
  • No University Affiliation
  • Affiliation other than University(Specify)
Which other/Specify other:
Prince Edward county Health Unit, Belleville
Type of Research:
  • Epidemiological
  • Intervention/Evaluation
Which other/Specify other :
Survey, intervention to address barriers to dental health care
Key Methods and Data Sources:
  • Quantiative - collecting new data for the study
Which other/Specify other:
HBHC program of MOHLTC
Sub-pop Experiencing Inequities:
  • Aboriginal/First Nation/Inuit/M├ętis
  • Immigrant/Newcomer/Refugees
  • Older Population/Seniors
  • Racial/Ethnic Minority
  • Other
Which other/Specify other:
single parent, working poor
Keywords for Health Issue:
dental care access and utilizaiton
Health Outcomes:
  • Oral/dental diseases
Health Equity/Inequity?:
  • Aboriginal origin
  • Access to health (care) service/medication
  • Age
  • Employment
  • Health Service Access
  • Immigrant status
  • Income
Policy Implications:
Policies to focus on eradicating barriers against oral care among high risk groups
Recommendations and/or Key Finding:
There is a real challenge in working toward equitable access to dental health care for all Canadians and integration of the dental health care system into our general health care system.
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