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The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Housing Checkup: A survey of the housing needs of children and youth.

Waterston S, Watt J, Gaboury I, Samson L.
Literature Type:
Academic Literature
Journal, Vol, No, Page:
Paediatr Child Health. 2008 Apr;13(4):293-7
Source of Academic Literature:
  • Journal
Type of Academic Literature:
  • Journal Article
Funding Source:
Canadian Pediatric Society
  • Ontario Urban/Other(Specify)
Which other/Specify other:
First Author Discipline:
  • Medicine
First Author Affiliation: University:
  • University of Ottawa
Type of Research:
  • Needs Assessment
Which other/Specify other :
To assess housing needs of CHEO patients
Key Methods and Data Sources:
  • Quantiative - collecting new data for the study
Sub-pop Experiencing Inequities:
  • Infants/Children/Youth
  • Low SES
Keywords for Health Issue:
health of children and housing need
Health Equity/Inequity?:
  • Age
  • Housing
  • Income
Policy Implications:
Policies should aim to improve the housing condition, hence the health of children and youth in Ottawa region by facilitating collaborative, comprehensive initiatives by both housing and health sectors.
Recommendations and/or Key Finding:
Physicians and other health care providers should better understand the issues affecting the health of their patients and communities, and to work toward improving their health.
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